Investing in Indonesia’s Children

The Scholarship Program of the CWA was initiated in 1995 as a co-operative effort between the CWA and Yayasan Satya Murakabi,  the latter being a well-run Jakarta foundation that has been providing support to poor children and their families since 1983. As Scholarship Program sponsors, many CWA members and friends have made a personal commitment to pay the school expenses (including registration fees, monthly tuition fees, books, uniforms and exam fees) of one or more needy students to allow them to continue attending school.  By doing so, CWA members hope to break the cycle of poverty which entraps these children.

Scholarship sponsors make a one year support commitment at a cost (for the 2006/07 school year) of Indonesian Rupiah 1,250,000 (CAD 160/-)  per student. No administration fees are deducted from this amount, every Rupiah that you donate goes directly to the family of your sponsored student.  Sponsors are provided with report cards twice a year, information about the child’s family situation and (where available) a photo of the child.

Sponsors are encouraged to continue with their sponsorship until the student graduates and many of our sponsors do so even after they have moved away from Jakarta!  As a result, the CWA has seen many children complete their education as a result of the help of our members.

If, for one of a variety of reasons, a sponsor is unable to continue, we find a new sponsor for that same student, so that the child and his/her family know we will be there for them to the end.  Your commitment, even if only for a year or two, ensures that a particular child will be supported by CWA sponsors for as long as he/she needs help with school fees.

The stamina and persistence of these children in the face of hardship comes through loud and clear in their occasional letters to us, as does the incredible motivation they get from finding out that a stranger wants to support them.